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Original Article 3.10.2012

Could You Sell Your Business If You Wanted To?

It's fun to imagine how much your business is worth. It's not as much fun when you find out that for all the energy you poured into it, a business broker or potential buyer can't see the value you can, or thinks your number is unrealistic. But the worst thing is when it turns out, as is most often the case, that your business isn't sellable at all.

Sellability is a powerful indicator - whether you have any intention or even interest in selling your business today - because it points directly to the underlying issues in your business. And the issues that undermine the value of your business are exactly the same issues that are causing you the personal frustrations - the feelings of overwhelm, the inconsistent customer experiences, and the difficulties managing cash flow.

The point being, whatever your personal and financial goals are for your business, as a responsible business owner you simply have to be able to answer this question with a yes:

If you wanted to, could you sell your business today
for a number that you’d be happy with?

We’ve partnered with The Sellability Score to help you get there with that question through this quick and powerful quiz. It takes 13 minutes and will give you a useful 20+ page report about your business that you can put into action.

Whatever stage you're in, this tool will help you make your business better. And whenever the day comes to sell, you'll be in the driver's seat.

If you've tried to sell a business or know someone who's been through the process, you know it's the only place you want to be.